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Start Smiling Again with a Complete Smile Makeover

added on: July 27, 2016

Just as the seasons change, so can your smile. What may have once been pearly white teeth, can become dingy after years of staining, leading to a less-than-confidence inducing smile. Of course, discoloration isn’t the only potential cosmetic concern that can develop over time. Wear along the teeth’s edges, chips, and cracks can also be troubling imperfections. Fortunately, there are a number of ways a cosmetic dentist can help to improve the look of your smile. In some cases, even restorative dental treatment can help to improve the look of your smile!

Are Your Teeth Misshapen or Oddly Sized?

For issues related to the size and shape of teeth, porcelain veneers make a wonderful treatment option. Veneers can be used to effectively address a wide variety of concerns, such as disproportionately sized teeth, misshapen teeth, permanent staining, intrinsic discoloration, or even minor gaps between teeth. Though veneers cannot take the place of orthodontic treatment (for instance, Invisalign clear braces) in addressing alignment issues that pose both functional and cosmetic issues, if your only issue is cosmetic gaps between teeth, veneers can often help hide them!

Is Dental Damage Causing You Insecurity?

For chips, cracks, worn edges and other visible damage to teeth, the dentist might actually recommend a beautiful form of restorative dental treatment, like a porcelain crown. Crowns can help to hide the cause for your cosmetic concern, while still providing ample protection to your most fragile teeth.

Crowns can help keep chips, cracks and other damage from worsening with wear, and they can also help to prevent infection from forming in fragile teeth. Yet thanks to porcelain’s customizability, this restoration can provide cosmetic improvements, as well as the functional benefits, since the crown(s) can be carefully made to match your existing teeth, seamlessly.


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